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Truth: What's the hardest thing about being you?

"I guess… I guess the hardest thing is not being able to speak up even when I want to…. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities that way…"

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Truth: Have you ever been in love?

"I’ve… I’ve had a crush before, during highschool… But, I never got into a serious relationship. I don’t know… I guess I was too intimidated by the thought of being with someone back then… And by the time I felt comfortable… the ones I would have wanted to be with were with someone else or they moved away."

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ToD Thursday

(PuppyGrunt is all caught up on her replies so… she needs something to do while she waits.)

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There are a couple of people with the Kalos dog so you'll have to be more specific. Was it a girl with blue hair?

"I… I saw it when I first joined and right afterward the base got messed up. I had to camp out on the mountain for a week until it got fixed so… I don’t remember who it was…"

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Since you seem to be an expert on all things canine, do you know what the fox says?

"Foxes make all sorts of noises!"

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Did you know there's another Rocket with a party of dogs?

"I think I saw someone with one of those Kalos canine pokemon in the breakroom once… Or is it someone else?"

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Lilium | Canidae and Lucian


Lucian smiled warmly as he recognized Canidae as the shy young woman he had met in the breakroom. Even though they hadn’t spoke for long he thought her to be someone who was kind. He stood up from where he was sitting and looked over the field of flowers for a moment before glancing over at Canidae, “It’s quite lovely isn’t it? It is sights like this that make spring such a beautiful season, well at least in my opinion.” 

He gave a chuckle, “I had also spotted this place from one of the windows, it was actually only half my idea to come here. The other half was my Pokemon.” He gestured over to where some of his Pokemon were out playing about, “They always like to get out when the weather in warm.” 

At that moment Lux had decided to come over and investigate the situation after seeing his trainer talking to a person the Espeon didn’t recognize. He walked over and sat in front of Canidae, looking her over for a minute with a rather intimidating and judgmental look before finding her trustworthy enough. Trotting over to his trainer and rubbing against his leg, Lucian smiled and leaned down to pet the Pokemon, “Don’t worry Lux has been doing that to strangers a lot lately, he is actually a very sweet Pokemon once he has warmed up to you.” 

"It’s beautiful." She said in her usual quiet voice and nodded in agreement. How anyone ever managed to hear her was a mystery, but she always managed to talk just loud enough to be heard and no more.

"Um… You said your name was Lucian, right?"

When he mentioned his pokemon, Canidae looked down at the pokeballs on her belt. Her team would definitely enjoy running around in the field.

She was about to start releasing them when the Espeon made its way over to them. She watched it when it sat down in front of her, and waved at it with a “Hello” despite its stare.

"He’s very pretty." She commented. "I’ve seen Eevee before, but never an Espeon. Not up close."

She turned away from them slightly and began releasing her pokemon one-by-one. All canine pokemon: Lillipup, Riolu, Electrike, Growlithe, and Vulpix. All five sat down where they appeared and looked up at her expectantly.

"Go play, everyone." She told them. "But don’t go too far, okay?"

All of the pokemon barked and yipped in agreement before running out into the field to play. However, there was still one pokeball left in her hand, and she looked hesitant to release it.

A Little CatDog - Canidae and Mars


Team Rocket’s computers were fucking ancient. Maybe it was just the Distortion World talking, but Mars felt like she’d been jettisoned back in time working with some of these relics. No matter. She would only need a few moments more in the blue glow of the screen before all the actual member data was in her possession. The incident with Looker had been laughable, and had made her look like an idiot, but it had at least told her that there was real data, upon which Looker’s fake data had been based.

What a blessing it was that none of the admins around here bothered to properly lock their doors. Card keys were such a lame and outdated thing. Mars had already mined Petrel’s computer, which seemed to have a surprising lack of information, along with some of the Admin databases. While she’d had ample opportunity to do so, she had not gone near Ariana’s computer for fear that her USB would shrivel up and die.

The progress bar on the screen was teasingly close to done, and Mars looked around the darkened office in annoyance. Perhaps there was something around she could filch to make up for the lost time. These Rocket dolts could really invest in some firewire.

She was about to look through one of the nearby bookshelves when Sorbet, her Crobat, fluttered her wings and let out a soft warning call. Someone was coming. Mars glanced at the computer, whose progress was obnoxiously close to complete. Would it be beneficial to yank the drive out now and call the venture a failure? Mars tensed, ready to call Sorbet to the defense if strictly necessary, and casually flicked the off button on the monitor.

Canidae was glad she was finally getting some assignments that put her to better use. While they were simple things, updating and defragmenting and other such things, she didn’t mind. This was easy, quiet work, much better than having to deal with people who couldn’t grasp how insurance worked… Not that she could blame them, it was beyond confusing.

Adustus, her Riolu, walked along beside her. He carried a folder, her list of tasks for the day. That too was a simple thing, but he enjoyed helping her. Spending time with her also gave him the chance to practice tuning in his aura to hers. He expected, once he evolved into a Lucario, he’d be able to communicate with her freely. For now however, they only had an empathic link.

He sensed people in the room they were about to enter. No one should have been in there… His aura shifted to one of alertness, warning his trainer.

Canidae paused slightly at the warning, and her hand hovered in front of the lock as it held the card key. She glanced down at Adustus for a moment before continuing with her motion and opening the door. She reached up and flipped on the lights to the office. 

Was someone in there?

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82. Favorite type of cookie?

"I like a lot of cookies… Especially if they’re homemade and fresh… Chocolate chip, White chocolate chip with macadamia nuts, chocolate cookies with chocolate chips or white chocolate chips… Except. I don’t like cookies with nuts, or brownies with nuts… "

Canidae frowned a bit as she remembered something. ”One time, during Christmas, a friend brought us little gift bags with cookies his girlfriend had made. The cookies were at least a couple of days old, but they were still soft and really yummy. Honestly the best cookies I’d ever had… Better than the ones I make…”

Then she pouted a bit, her cheeks puffing up. “I asked him to get the recipe from his girlfriend, but she was really stingy and didn’t want to share it. Hmph… Last I heard they weren’t together anymore. She was mean and rude and totally didn’t deserve a great guy like him.”

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16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?

"I hope so… I hope I’ll change so I won’t be so nervous around here."

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