(Does anyone have a Friend Safari with Growlithe, Ninetales, Manectric, or Riolu? I already have Lillipup on my Safari list. I want to make Canidae’s team on my Y version and add her to the Gimmick Cup we have going on. My Friend Safari is Fire, with Magmar, Slugma, and Braxian.)

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ToD Thursday

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Lilium | OPEN


Something about the spring months always brought a comfort to Lucian, maybe it was the fact that everything was finally beginning to come to life again. The dead trees had new leaves blooming and barren fields were now adorned with wildflowers slowly growing.

Lucian wasn’t the only one who found joy in the new season either, his Pokemon loved getting out and about after staying mostly cooped up during the winter. Which brought Lucian to where he was now in a small field not to far away from HQ that had been mostly hidden by tree cover, a pleasantly warm breeze blew by as he sat under the shade of a tree. He calmly read a book and kept an eye on his Pokemon playing in the distance, happy to see them enjoying themselves.  

Such peace and solitude didn’t last though as he heard something approaching from behind, the sound of footsteps evident by crunching leaves and branches. At first he thought it might be a Pokemon but as it got closer he realized that the presence was human. He sighed a bit and shut his book before smiling. 


"Seems I’m not the only one who knows about this place…." 

Canidae preferred winter. She enjoyed the comforts of the cold, like snuggling under blankets or wearing a heavy coat. She did not look forward to the heat of summer. Spring was nice, a time when the warmth and sunlight was bearable, even pleasant.

She was also on the lookout for a harbinger of Spring. Canidae had heard about Snowdrop flowers that were one of the first to burst through the melting snow, and that the Silver Mountains was a good spot to find them. She thought she had spotted a splash of color beyond the trees that surrounded the base and went to investigate the field.

When she passed the tree line she was greeted by a field of flowers, more than just Snowdrops, and by a voice.

Canidae looked towards Lucian. She had seen him before in the break room on a couple of occasions, and he had appeared to be a pleasant man.

"I thought I saw the field from one of the windows, so I wanted to see…" She said as she looked back to the wildflowers that blanketed the field. 

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Go talk to one of them! One even knows Valerie. You can use that as an ice breaker!

I… I don’t know… M-maybe later… *Still hiding her face with her hat.*

Anonymous asked:
There ARE some former Gym Leaders and Professors here... Although, there are none from Kalos. Got some Kalosian Elite Four, though.

Yea but… I’m sure they’re busy all the time… I don’t think I could ever just… walk up and talk to one of them… *Pulls her hat down in a nervous attempt to hide.*

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Anonymous asked:
NAme one person you'd most like to meet.

I guess… I’ve always wanted to meet a Pokemon Professor… Or maybe a Gym Leader… I’ve watched televised matches of Valerie and Olympia of Kalos… They’re my favorites.

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Anonymous asked:
When was the last time you set something on fire?

Umm… I lit a campfire a day or so before I joined… Does that count?

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TMI Tuesday

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Anonymous asked:
19: A fact about your personality

"Well… The reason I’m so nervous about everything is because everything is new… The environment, the people, the way of life… I don’t know the ins and outs of this place, not to mention I’m still unsure about my place in all of this. All of this uncertainly makes me nervous…”

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Anonymous asked:
8, 17, 26, 35, 44 :3

8: Want any tattoos?

"Tattoos? Um… I guess I wouldn’t mind one… Something cute, or pretty, or elegant…" She giggled quietly. "I guess I could get something related to my nickname."

17: Someone you miss

"…I miss my parents, my dad mostly…"

26: My biggest pet peeves

"Pet peeve… Um… I know I have some but… none of them are coming to mind… Oh! Um… This is kind of silly but… I don’t like it when someone is singing, but because they don’t have the music on they end up singing the same stanza over and over… It gets annoying."

 35: What I find attractive in men

"What… I find attractive…" Canidae blushes. "I like it when men have nice, healthy looking hair… and are well groomed in general. I like it when they have pretty eyes too… I don’t have any color preference but… I like it when they have eyes that have multiple shades in the iris… The kind you can get lost in… Aside from looks… I prefer men who treat me like an equal, as a friend first before anything else develops."

44: A random fact about anything

"A random fact… I really like computer video games. One of my favorites is the Portal series."

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